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Garfield County Collaborative Management Program

About Us

The Collaborative Management Program (CMP) supports families by aligning community partners to streamline resource access and meet family needs.

Garfield County CMP partners include:

  • Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork School District (leads the CMP)

  • Family Resource Center of Garfield 16

  • Family Resource Center of Re2

  • Youthzone

  • Department of Human Services (Garfield County)

  • Ninth Judicial Probation Department

  • Ninth Judicial Court

  • Garfield County Health Department

  • MindSprings Mental Health Center

  • Rocky Mountain Health Plans

  • Division of Youth Services

  • Advocate Safehouse Project

  • YouthZone

  • Family Representatives

  • CYDC of the Ninth Judicial District

Mission/Vision of the Garfield County CMP

Mission: To support children, youth, and families in our diverse community through robust collaboration

CMP can help youth and families:

  • Set goals for stabilization and security

  • Access resources for financial support and stability

  • Access medical, dental, behavioral health services

  • Connect with counselors and case managers

Requests for Support

If a family would like to connect with the CMP for support, an initial meeting with an FRC case manager will be the first step. If appropriate, the family can then attend an Individualized Service and Support Team meeting (ISST). Garfield County CMP facilitates these meetings with community agencies that provide services. ISST meetings are family focused and centered on family voice. Children, youth and families make the decisions about what services they will use based on recommendations from providers.

To qualify for Garfield County CMP services, children/youth must:

  • Reside in Garfield County

  • Be between the ages of 0 and 18 years old

  • Be involved in multiple systems (e.g. mental health system, health care system, school system – see list of IOG partners which comprise the systems)

Community Partners


Ninth Judicial District Probation Department

Human/Social Services

Public Health

Ninth Judicial District Court

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CYDC of the Ninth Judicial District

Family Representatives

Contact Information

Garfield County Collaborative Management Program (CMP)

(970) 384-6018
400 Sopris Avenue, Carbondale, CO 81623